Classic Car Custom Restoration, Street Rod Restoration, and Custom Muscle Car Restoration Projects are what we do best at Holton Secret Lab.

Holton Secret Lab was launched from its parent company, Holton Restorations, to focus on our specialized classic car custom restoration projects. We have more than 90 years experience in custom car painting, custom car design, fabrication, and restoration of classic cars, muscle cars and street rods. Give us a set of plans or a napkin sketch and watch us make your dreams a reality. 

The Holton Legacy can be traced back to 1945. Just after returning from World War II, Herb Holton opened Vale Autobody in Vale, Oregon. He was well-known and had a reputation as a craftsman. Herb’'s son Bill grew up in his dad'’s shop, and quickly learned to craft fine automobiles right alongside his father. In those days, the rare Muscle Cars and Street Rods that we work on today were the cars that Bill learned his trade on. He spent many, many hours in the shop honing his skills as a designer and fabricator on these classic cars.


ASE Certified Master Paint and Autobody Tech
ASE Certified Master Collision Repair
ASE Certified Refinishing Technician
Automotive Instrumentation degree from OIT
ASE Certified Master Paint and Autobody Tech

    Are you searching for the right facility for your Classic Car Restoration or Muscle Car Restoration?

    We call ourselves the “Secret Lab” because we live and work on a large piece of land in Eastern Oregon, where there'’s not much around us except wheat farms. Since Bill began apprenticing in the family car repair business 45 years ago, he'’s learned what works and what doesn'’t in the world of custom car restoration. Our “Secret” facility is fully customized, down to the lighting and the custom-built rotisserie, to allow us access to every part of your car, no matter what kind of car it is.

    Pick-up and Delivery of Your Restoration Car Project

    Many of our clients live out of the area or don'’t have the means to ship their project vehicles to The Lab. With our customized trailer, we can pick it up and deliver it for you. Costs are based on mileage and expenses for two adults. Call us for details. 1-866-FLAME IT.

    Pick-up and delivery is just one of the  Services we offer. To find out more about how our facility can meet your needs, check out our Services page and take a slide-show tour of our Facilities .

    We’re always adding new Classic Car Restoration and Muscle Car Restoration projects to our Blog and our Portfolio. If what you see here does not answer all of your questions, please give us a call at (541) 457-2416
 or toll-free 1-866-FLAME IT or email us through our Contact page.

    Holton Secret Lab is known for building only the finest in Street Rods. Not only have we built them, we'’ve owned them. We know what works and what doesn'’t. We’ll build to your specs or you can turn our design team loose and watch them make your pavement-ripping dreams a reality.

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