Holton Secret Lab

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 14 Jan, 2010
Folded into this small nowhere area in Oregon is a homestead, a century old ranch—that’s my part. What looks like an old-fashioned gas station with bat and board siding, antique pumps and glass bottle coke machines next door is the front for Bill’s lifetime passion—cars. Together we are living the dream on the family ranch, homesteaded in the early 1900’s by my grandfather, where you can ride your horse at a gallop through fenceless fields and see coyotes looking for a meal is dream enough for any westerner. To combine this with a favorite hobby gone profession is about as good as it gets. No killer commutes, fractious bosses, or time clocks. “Wild Bill” escapes all that by retreating into his 7000′ shop the “Secret Lab”. Magic transformations occur inside, like a mad scientist creating a new contraption that has all the bells and whistles with promise to deliver exactly what was ordered. The before and after photos are incredible in the eye of the beholder. What goes in and what comes out 500 work hours later is truly astonishing. It takes vision, patience and faith. My husband is an artist, a one of a kind creative genius who can do things that still amazes me after almost 35 years.
My name is Marcy and I am married to Bill also known as “Wild Bill”. We own and operate Holton Secret Lab. This is the day-to-day story of our life between earth shaking thundering horsepower that comes out of the “Lab” and life as I know it here with horsepower of my own, the four footed kind, where on any given moment “Wild Bill” will pull out a custom, chopped, built, outrageous hot rod and see how the engine is running…..conveniently we live on a flat stretch of black top….perfect for fine tuning the horsepower and doing a few burn outs. Neighbors that live a half mile away usually call me to ask with a laugh “Is Bill out playing today?”
I will keep you updated with news of the car shows we travel to as well as the daily adventures that go on in the “Lab” with our life here. With the many customer projects, the builds we are doing and “Wild Bill’s” own current build a 1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag motor in it…..stay tuned…..put on your seat belt and hang on!
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