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Holton Secret Lab

April 29, 2007

Tri-Cities Corvette Club

HELIX, OR - Shifting gears through the corners into a long straight stretch the Tri-Cities Corvette Club headed down the road and pulled into Holton Secret Lab for a shop tour. The tune "Born to Be Wild" played in your memory, as the group of amazing Corvette's pulled into the shop making your heart race. To see so many beautiful cars at once, takes your breath away. At Holton Secret Lab beautiful cars are the norm. They do frame off restorations of vehicles from early Antique Models, much like the 1930 Tudor sitting at the shop that day, to outrageous Street Rods and Muscle cars. The Tudor won first runner up at the Portland Roadster Show the month before. Award winning cars, Corvette Clubs touring, incredible paint jobs and the thunder of engines with ground pounding raw horsepower are everyday occurrences at HSL.

The Corvette Club had a great time visiting and touring the incredible shop of HSL. Marcy and Bill provided coffee, donuts and cookies for the travelers. Marcy spent most of the time checking out the early model Corvette Coupes as she and Bill owned a 1966 and 1964 when they married in 1976. Marcy had a silver 1964 Corvette Coupe, "It gets in your blood, I loved my 64 Coupe, got to have one again".

As the last Corvette pulled away from the shop, Bill and Marcy had big smiles on their faces. Holton Secret Lab is unique, as when the shop doors close for the day, life returns to a façade of quiet. One never knows what goes on behind closed doors at Holton Secret Lab. Stay tuned.

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