Holton Secret Lab Video is LIVE on YouTube!

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 27 Jan, 2010
Finally as of this morning very early our HSL video is working and is now live on You Tube. Go to You Tube on the web and then put in Holton Secret Lab in the search button. It will take you to the link for the video. You will see the Red Super Bee…you click on it……sit back and enjoy.

Let me know if you have issues or troubles. It took from Sunday morning at 7:30 until this morning to finally get it uploaded with correct music. I learned that I could not use the music I purchased. You Tube, after uploading my video turned off the sound on the two songs I had looped to the video…..so yesterday I spent the day looking at You Tube approved music on their site under audio swap. Took me several hours to find a song that I thought went ok with the video. I am learning and actually enjoying it.

Everyone is now happy…even Auzzie.
Bill decided he is not going to blast me as I was getting tense over this entire upload for a bit.
HSL is back at it.
I need to continue with Jagged and in the next few days I will do that. To keep you interested, here is a recent picture of Jagged and yes he runs! Wild Bill was told by many that a Jag motor was impossible to work with, that the Carbs were beyond help, that no way could he get it to run…..well….he did get it to run and it was LOUD….however, turns out the whole world was right about the Carbs…..so Wild Bill took them off and is in the process of building a tunnel ram manifold so that he can put a Trustworthy American Muscle Edlebrock on it…what would the Brits say?  Stay tuned…..
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