Horsepower And Horse Power… Both Kinds!

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 21 Jul, 2011
As you know we have “Horse Power”…”Catahoola Bug’s”…first ride…
that is why I am so serious…

And we have “Horsepower” at HSL

Zoom Zoom “Horsepower"

“Horsepower” or “Horse Power” both ways…note “Horse Power” in background

Horses that know what to do with 100% “Horse Power”

HSL “Horsepower” at the Portland Roadster Show

Or just plain “Nitrous Horsepower”

Back to the Juniper T…Curt making a big loop

On a summer’s night with “Horse Power”

“Ba-Boom-Ba-Boom…HSL Horsepower”

Outrageous “Chevelle Horsepower”

Annie will demonstrate how horses take a bath with “Horse Power”.
First of all….as soon as your master brushes you and gets you all pretty….you drop and roll in a dry dusty spot in the pasture

Then you get up and shake

“Chic A Boom Chic A Boom…Shaking the Annie Fanny”

Feels so good…oh yeah

Nice and clean…beautiful

Annie you are a knock out!

“Holton Secret Lab Horsepower”…Zoom Zoom:)

Come see us at HSL and we will develop and fine tune your “Horsepower”

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