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Holton Secret Lab

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Over the hills

HELIX, OR - Over the hills and through the corners, one could hear the rumble of horsepower on the quiet country road. We are not talking about horse and wagon; we are talking about raw earth shaking under the hood horsepower, the kind that makes your jaw drop. As the cars came down the last hill and rounded the corner to Holton Secret Lab, one by one they pulled up in front of the "Lab," parking their beauties in a line. It was a happening day for HSL as this was the first of many annual "Lab" b-q car shows here in Juniper Canyon. Bill and Marcy have worked hard the last few years in promoting their unique business of designing streetrods, building custom cars and restoring classics. If the b-q was a testament to their marketing, it was a huge success as over 80 people made the drive in their rods to the "Lab."

Bill and Marcy wanted to do something for the local car clubs and for their customers, having a fun get together seemed the obvious choice after a long year of car show weekends across the Northwest. The crowd enjoyed hamburgers with all the trimmings with lots of visiting, and of course showing their cars off, the event was enjoyed by all who attended. With the "Lab" located on a straight paved road, it was hard to resist laying down some rubber. The b-q was not the only thing smoking that day!

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