Jag Rod Part II

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 01 Feb, 2010
The rest of the story…..part two of Jagged. When we left off last we were talking about louvers and the bellypan…the side skirts and rockers.
This picture is of the front from the bellypan.

The next picture is from the back, showing the bellypan and the positioning of the transmission and engine oil coolers…

The next phase was the headers. Mr. Dingbat…”Wild Bill”…did not take as many pictures folks…..he said it interupted his creative genius to stop and take pictures.

You do not find a set of Lake style headers for a V-12 Jag Hot Rod on the shelf so Wild Bill took two sets of flathead Ford V-8 headers and re-configured them to fit the V-12. Turns out the exhaust flanges on a V-12 Jag are the exact same size as Henry’s flathead!!!

Note the mock up of the exhaust and the bow in the pipe to follow the contour of the body. It took about 80 hours to fab the headers and the exhaust. We are going to send them off to be Jet Hot coated when we are finished.

Welding up the 3″ exhaust that goes to 3.5″ turn outs with mufflers inside them. Well it is time to feed both my horses and Wild Bill.

One last picture to keep you guessing…

What is it? Stay tuned and I will tell you the next post…

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