Learning Curve At HSL

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 25 Jun, 2011

I am having fun with learning all there is to know about my new camera…I love to write but without good pictures you can not tell the story…that is why we bought a new camera…and it is the camera of the year!

I love this camera….it does just about everything you would want….I can shoot ten pictures per second….very fast which I need when “Wild Bill” drives by doing a burn out with “Jagged”…it takes panorama shots…raw files and big files or small files….low light or bright light…and 1080 video which I love for those times when “Wild Bill” does a burn out wheelie in front of the house! Heck it even cooks…hee hee just kidding!

I debated between a Nikon D7000 or a Cannon 7D but after having the Sony demonstrated to me in the camera store I was sold. I took a friend with me to shop for a camera as she is a pro with cameras….she has a Cannon 5D so I figured she would tell me what I needed and what I did not need…she liked this camera too. It does it all and then some….cleans my house and even the horse stalls in the barn….ha!

I love this flip down screen…we had this on our old Canon camera too.

Practice pictures…enjoy! 

A perfectly fun shot!

So was this one

The camera caught the rain drops with its quick shooting ability

Various sunset colors in the sky…wide open spaces…another reason we love living here

I love how the fence draws you into the picture

Catching “Fannie Annie’s” mane moving and the rainbow

Weird storms and clouds in Juniper Canyon this year

Our new addition…that makes four HSL dogs!

Sunset at HSL

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…and more car stuff that is coming this weekend!

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