Look What We Found In Our Field Of Dreams

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 14 Apr, 2010

What a surpise it was the other day to find a new crop of beauty in our field…..you know the field we call the “Field of Dreams”…only “Our Field is a Streetrod Shop in the Middle of a Field…Filled With Dreams”.

I was not surprised when Wild Bill came in to tell me what he found! We have found many lost dreams for our customers. Cars that have sat in a barn or shop somewhere forever, with family history, waiting to be re-born. That is what Holton Secret Lab is all about.
1935 Ford Pick Up
I am sure that my Grandpa drove a pick up like this in this very same field.
My Dad drove this 1955 Chev. Pick Up
Only he had a two horse trailer behind it.
Wild Bill and I drove one of these when we first married, but it was red.
1972 Ford Bronco
We did lots of 4-Wheeling!
However my ultimate choice is the 1935 Ford Pick Up. I love the lines and the look. It sounds incredible too….and it looks amazing going down the road.
The Roadster Show is soon….I will keep you posted.
Look at the reflection…Incredible paint by “Wild Bill” at  the “Lab”.
Until next time…enjoy the ride…look for your dreams and keep on trucking!
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