Portland Roadster Show 2012

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 14 Apr, 2012

We headed to the Portland Roadster Show last month with a bit of wild and crazy weather!

We had snow squalls off and on most of the week leading up to the 200 mile journey.

Regardless of the weather we were ready to go and headed out down the freeway into the Columbia River Gorge.

With two customer vehicles that we built, restored and painted.

Arriving in Portland with wet soaking rain…we headed to the Exposition Center to check in with the MHRC or ( Multnomah Hot Rod Council )…this awesome group of people put on a fantastic car show year after year!  The Portland Roadster Show celebrated its 56th Anniversary Show this year with over 500 entries of custom, outrageously cool, classic cars entered.

Once we unloaded the 56 F-100 and 72 Bronco, the “Ponytail Sister”s got to work! First things first…clean the tires on the Bronco…ugh! Tires are not too hard to do most of the time but four wheel drive tires are something evil…evil…evil!!!

Setting up with WB…is always fun:) He gets on a fast and furious buzz unloading…and usually I run to keep up with him!

Thankfully Jack helped WB the day we arrived with setting up and unloading all that makes us…HSL!

And we kept smiling and laughing:) Just loved scrubbing those tires..dang it!

After two days of  polishing…fussing…and getting yawn tired…we were ready to go for opening day of the show. Officially the show runs three full days and approximately 40,000 walk by our display daily.

It was a great show for us…lots of people and lots of interest. We put in 12 hour days at the trailer for four days straight meeting some great people…seeing old friends…and seeing 500 plus incredible rides! We had fun as we always do!!! That is what it is all about!

The 1956 Ford F-100 was outstanding and the crowd loved it…the color is hard to describe except that it is magical with intense depth and wow factor! I have seen lots of silver or gray paint on cool cars but this particular paint is more like chrome that mirrors itself with sparkle and shine!

The awesome truck showed off really nice for it first show.

A beautiful 56 F-100 built with class that,

Won Best of Class!!!! Congrats to Stan and Marie!!!

“The 1972 Fully Custom Ford Bronco”…that we began building as our own…then sold to customers…went with us to it’s second PR Show.

And won “Best of Class” last year when it made it’s debut showing…and won again this year…that’s two years in a row! Another congrats to our friends and family who own this incredible Bronco…that has over 1000 hours of custom touches and fabrication.

“Wild Bill” signature flames if you look close on the differential.

One of a kind…this “Wild But Classy Bronco” is jaw dropping in person!

And in a twinkle of an eye…we caught our breath…and soon found our way back to the wide open spaces.

Headed down the road home!

If you want custom built vehicles with classic design and fabrication with 40 years experience…custom paint and finishes…done to customer satisfaction with absolute attention to detail and WB perfection…look us up at www.holtonsecretlab.com

See if you can guess what type of car this is that we are driving? You will be seeing lots more of it! Here’s a hint…Hot Rod Cowgirl has a “Big Grin” on her face!

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