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  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 15 May, 2011
At the Portland Roadster Show this year we meant one of the event organizers for the Portland Rod Runners car club. She mentioned they were coming to Pendleton in May and would like to come out to the shop for a tour….we said that would be great. We enjoy giving tours and meeting other car people.
             This morning we greeted the group of approximately 30 members and 16 vehicles with a big welcome to our shop with coffee and donuts.
Wild Bill doing his thing….and me doing my thing with the camera and Troy our painter looking at the Willy’s.
WB explaining what we are doing to the first F-100…we have two in the shop currently.
Notice Tucker has a cast on her leg. She broke three of her toes last week.
She is one of the shop bosses and keeps us on our toes with continual vocal commands!
Various vehicles and Wild Bill explaining the process.
Of course Jagged….notice how he is appears to be kind of innocent… just sitting there? Well he is definitely NOT innocent folks…soon he will roar to life with a bit of nitrous!
Here is Wild Bill’s brains!
Wild Bill and Jagged….what a pair. I am having him build me an oh s*** handle to hang on to when we head down the road with the nitrous all hooked up.
Do not want you to get too bored with shop talk so here is “Annie’s Fannie”…. that is why we call her “Fannie Annie”. She turned 2 the end of April.
She is looking at me to come visit her…she is a sweetie!
Another shot of the cars in front of the shop. We had two groups, one was the Mini Coopers and the other was a mix of Hot Rods, Corvette’s and a Caddy.
One more shop picture….Wild Bill is good at what he does with explaining things to tour groups and customers. With his creative genius mind, he loves what HSL is all about and enjoys talking about what we all do here.
Tucker staying on guard watching over us.
Thank you for coming to see us Portland Rod Runners!
See you all on down the road!!!
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