Rainbows And A Rainy Memorial Day

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 30 May, 2011

Last Night We Had Another Rain Storm Move In And I Was Able To Catch A Double Rainbow That Landed Here.

Annie Was Posing For Me

“Fannie Annie” Was Barely Six Months Old When We Brought Her Home…Just A Baby…And Now In Her Two Year Old Year She Is Becoming A Beauty.

Two Pots To Collect

Annie wants her Apple Assess…That Is Horse Candy…Think “Chocolate Carmel” Treats For Us.

The Rainbow Stretched Across The Road From Our Pasture Into Our Field Of CRP.

“Someday Over The Rainbow…Way Up High…There Is A Land That I Heard Of” The Weather This Year Has Been Extremely Cold And Wet. Many Memorial Days In Past Years Have Been A Mixture Of Rain Or A Dust Storm.

Note The Rain Drops That My New Camera Caught…Very Fast!!! When We Ran Cattle In The Mountains Historically This Weekend We Would Be Checking Fence And Re-Building River Crossing. I Am Glad We Are Not Doing That This Year As I Heard They Had Snow The Last Few Days Up There…Brrrrrrrr!

This Is The Reason We Had To Fence Off The River Crossings Each Year….The Cows Would Decide To Go For A Spa And Tone Day. My Parents Celebrating Their 40th Anniversary In 1979.

I Miss Them Everyday And Often Wish I Could Go Next Door And Have A Cup Of Coffee With Them.

They Were Married Almost 59 Years

This Is Wild Bill’s Dad Herb With Two Great Grandchildren Cody and Becca. There Is Not A Day That Goes By That Wild Bill Does Not Think Of His Dad…I Thought He Was Pretty Special Too.
Herb Used To Race Jalopies In The 40’s And Then Opened The Vale Autobody Shop. Wild Bill Grew Up In That Shop…And Attributes Much Of What He Knows To His Dad.
Today We Give Thanks For Our Parents, Our Heritage And Our Memories. We Also Pause To Give Thanks For The Men And Women Who Bravely Fought For Our Country And Also For The Ones Fighting For Us Today. God Bless You.

We Are Off To Go Play In Leap-N-Leana Behind The House!

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