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  • 12 Feb, 2010

We have great news to share! Rick is on the road today for Salem, Oregon to “The Salem Roadster Show” with his “1970 GTO Judge”.

This is the show we mentioned a few posts ago. If you are invited, you have already won the prize as this is a “Very Prestigious Show”. It is “invitational” only by the promoters who travel all year long to the shows looking at the very “Best Of The Best”.
Let me show you some “Before Pictures” of the GTO. This is why Rick is giving the thumbs up! He truly loves this car and so do we. 

The Beginning

Rust In The Trunk…..What Is under It?
Rick bought this GTO Judge in the mid 70’s and parked it at his house in 1975. In 2007 Rick contacted us to begin the long restoration on his GTO. He was a very committed customer who knew what it would take and he did it right.
Look what we found under the paint…and rust. Often you cannot see the true damage as paint can hide it. Sometimes it is so bad the rust has eaten away the metal and nothing is left. 
As you see the rear half of the GTO has serious problems, it needs fabrication, replacement and hours of work.
Frame off rotisserie restorations are the best way to restore your car.  Media blasting is the first step. It is the only way to seriously do it correct. Without stripping the paint down to bare metal you can not see the rust or body work to repair the car….with it you can see what needs to be fixed. If you only hand sand the paint without blasting it off first the new paint will fail in time with cracks or intereseting bubbles etc.
The GTO is currently at the Salem Invitational Roadster Show as Rick asked us to do the job correctly with no shotcuts and it shows. We celebrate with our customers in their success. They deserve it with all the hard work performed…with a sweat furrowed brow…or make that many sweaty brows.
An “Amazing 1970 GTO Judge”. How many do you see on the street now? I remember these cars back in my day (no you do not need to know what day but this year is close) as once in a while when we drug main street on Friday night we would see them…but they were rare..along with Cameros and Mustangs!
HSL can catch your vision and dreams!
And make them come true…. 
“A Secret Lab in a wheat field of dreams”. Bring us your vision, your vehicle or project and we build it for you.
Rick and Lynette we wish you HUGE success in Salem this weekend…have fun and we will see you at The Portland Roadster Show…April 2010! I will post a video tomorrow sometime on YouTube of this amazing restoration.
Keep on Cruzin! We will see ya down the road.
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