Three New Videos On YouTube

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 13 Aug, 2010
Holton Secret Lab has three new videos up on YouTube so go take a look. The 1969 Super Bee video is up.
The 1970 Chevelle video is up.
The 1969 428 Cobra Jet Grande Mustang video is live as tonight. The music is still being added.
I do remember these cars burning rubber when I was in high school. We used to drag main and look cool with the windows down, hair blowing and music playing full blast. Now they are rare to see and one hardly ever sees them on the street. The 60’s produced some amazing cars with personality and attitude! The early 70’s was ok too up until they went to rubber bumpers and then the cool cars disappeared.

This is a true Hot Rod Shop!
I do try to make the YouTube videos as short as possible but when you have over a 1000 hours into a car and you want to show the workmanship and what HSL did to get the car to the point of perfection… is hard to shorten them. We try to advertise our workmanship with the videos and if I only show you a before and after, you will miss out on what was done and the incredible talent it took to do the impossible with these cars. Watch the 1969 Grande video and you will see what kind of vision my husband has. The 1970 GTO and the 1936 Ford are both good videos too as they are like the 1969 Grande with full frame off rotisserie restorations. My husband is truly an artist and visionary.
I refinish old junk furniture and can see the beauty of the wood but Wild Bill sees the diamond in a pile of dirty rusty metal and he makes it come back to life…..just like the old days when it was dragging main street on a Saturday night next to me in my pick up….go figure that a rancher’s daughter would be in her Dad’s pick up….and now the old 60’s pick ups are what people want to restore! We have one in the shop right now! Incredible!
I never know what my view will be here during the week. This was my view a few weeks ago. Pretty cool if you ask me! Holton Secret Lab never has a dull moment!
Another perfect day comes to a close here in Juniper Canyon. Have a goodnight where ever you are.
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