Turkey’s….Hot Rods…And Weddings

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 27 Nov, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving!
Holton Secret Lab hopes you had a wonderful turkey day with family and friends. As you see we are dealing with snow here and very cold temps. Unusual for us at this time of year. Howver it has been predicted that this year we are in for above normal snow and below normal temps.
It has been a bit of time since we yakked about Holton Hot Rods and HSL. You must wonder what we are up to…..well it is “SECRET”….and Brrrrrrrr. Can you imagine heading to a show with that trailer now? Well maybe if it was a Southern CA. car show!
Which “Super Secret Winery” is having HSL build them a Custom Street Rod?
Hmmm….what vehicle goes with this hood?
“Jagged”…was built and created by “Wild Bill”and “Holton Secret Lab”.
Got your attention yet???

Go to YouTube and look us up as I have two very short video clips of “Jagged” ripping up the blacktop out here!

“Wild Bill” had fun this year with “Jagged” as everyone told him that “No way WB you cannot make this carb work on this V-12 Jag as it is a European motor. You cannot find a European carb to work on that V-12 in the US…..No way”. Well as everyone knows by now if you tell “Wild Bill” that he cannot do something or invent something….watch out….he did it….he had to make his own manifold fittings with redesigning the set up with the carb and ta-da….”Jagged” is running just fine with an “American Carb on a European V-12 Jag”.
Stay with us on “Jagged”…Jagged is off to an incredible start, and this WB built car will be famous. HSL plans to take it to National Shows. “Jagged” is a one of a kind car with many one off design features….you have to see it to believe it and “you will see it”…think Bead Roller…think “Wild Bill”…”Flames”…how….stay tuned!

Some of the Hot Rods HSL is currently working on!
1935 Dodge Pick Up Full Frame Off Restoration. There is a video of it driving on our YouTube videos before we tore it down. It had not been driven since 1990…..and “Wild Bill”got it running….so check it out on YouTube…search for Holton Secret Lab and you will find us.
Heading To The Media Blaster
Know anybody that wants to buy a complete 1935 Dodge Pick Up running gear that runs? Less the frame? Give us a call at 1-866-352-6348.
The Willy’s came back for some modifications this winter too. We are putting a Fatman Fabrication Mustang Two Independent Front Suspension in it. We are also putting some 410 Posi Gears in the Rear and Softer Springs for better summer cruising next year. We love it when a customer tells us to make it go faster!!!!
Zoom, zoom!
This was one of our “Frame Off Restoration’s” this summer.   It is a real 1948 Pontiac Station Wagon made by the Murray Manufacturing Company. Ken, the owner has pictures of himself sitting in it when he was a year and a half old. Way COOL!!!
This is a “Custom Bronco” finally landing on it’s chassis! It is being painted Lazar Blue! This is an accumulation of a 17 year project with inventive one of a kind custom details. We will keep you updated on it and show more of the creative work….so stay tuned.
This is the motor for the 1930 Tudor that belongs to the Super Secret Winery. It is a 1957 283 with Powerpack Heads and an Offy Manifold with 3-2’s (Original) Isky Cam, Sanderson Headers, with a T-56 Five Speed.
That is one Black Shiny Firewall!
Mounting The Body To The Frame.
Together At Last!
What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself what “Holton Secret Lab” is about!
Last but not least certainly…..”The Wedding” was incredible and full of love!
And to leave you with a smile……Bill and Marcy along with HSL wishes you a Happy Holiday Season. We will catch up again down the snowy road. Stay tuned as HSL is on the move…come see “The Secret Lab”….you will not be disappointed!
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