1966 New GTO Video Is Up On YouTube

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 01 Mar, 2010
Holton Secret Lab has a new video up and running as of tonight. The music is still being added so wait until tomorrow to truly enjoy this new video. You will be amazed as this GTO had hidden secrets under the paint….after we stripped off the paint using our media blast…by the way plastic media is way better for your vehicle as it does not rust and it does not pit the metal like sand… after the paint was off we found a major surprise surprise surprise!
The Finished GTO….Keep Going
The GTO looked great when it came in to the shop for new paint. No issues seen or imagined by the looks of it and the history etc. After the media blast…under the paint we found terrible body work and rust everywhere. HSL made a new car as the back of this car was completely gone…nothing left until we gave the GTO new life and the owner new dreams as he had bought the car with good times in mind.                                                                
  Before…Looks Good Right? 
After the paint is stripped…we find rust and bad body work
Yikes! What do you do when the rear half of your car is gone due to rust?

“Keep On A Going”… “Always”. That was my Dad’s motto to me forever….gotta keep a going girl and never ever give up!! 

What you see is where the rust was cut out of the body
After hours of work, welding, smoothing and building new quarter panels and floors.
Holton Secret Lab fabricated and built the GTO back to original
GTO Is Done And Perfect!
1966 GTO
Tomorrow when you get up and have your coffee or tea….check out YouTube and HSL”s new video of this amazing restoration, fabrication and build.
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