Classic Car Restoration Facilities

Classic car restoration master Bill Holton has carried a vision for most of his life, since his apprenticeship over 45 years ago in the family auto body business in Vale, Oregon: to build the perfect auto restoration shop. The classic auto restoration facilities at Holton Secret Lab are the realization of that vision. Every decision about how to create the auto restoration shop was made to allow access to every angle of a project car. Lighting was placed at the perfect heights and angles to illuminate each detail and a custom built rotisserie reveals everything that would need to be accessed.

It's all about detail. Our classic car restoration facilities have a nostalgic service station frontage with several old gas pumps - also restored by Holton Secret Lab with impeccable detail.

Holton Secret Lab Facility

Holton Secret Lab's classic car restoration facility is a special place. Have a look around to see the detail we have put into our shop.

Fabrication Area

Our auto restoration fabrication area is 1500 square feet. We feature English Wheel, Planishing Hammer, Shrinkers and Stretchers, Band Saw, Press Brake, Shear, Slip Rolls, Chop Saw, Panel Beater Bags with Forming Hammers, Bead Rollers, Mig Welder, Tig Welder, Acetylene Welder, Stick Welder, Spot Welder, Plasma Cutter, and a myriad of other metal forming tools for every aspect of classic car restoration.

Media Blasting

Our media blast system consists of an 18' by 36' by 16' high tin-lined room with high-intensity halogen lights in the walls and ceiling. We run a Pram Media Blast Unit powered by a 65hp diesel compressor.

Prep, Priming, and Painting

We feature a state-of-the-art PPG Paint and Mixing System. We can match any color through PPG's spectrum analyzer and their factory support system. We have access to all the most current colors offered by PPG and we are factory trained in PPG procedures. We have 90 years combined paint experience in custom paint.

Shop Work Area

Our 10,500-square-foot classic car restoration workshop area contains a full compliment of auto body essentials including a custom-built frame rotisserie, pickup bed rotisserie, and chassis rotisserie to access all parts of the vehicle without ladders or crawling beneath them.

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