Holton Secret Lab LLC is a classic car restoration company on the move, as displayed throughout our web site, with the various media, and …also on our YouTube Channel and our HSL Blog .

Our Classic Car Restoration Awards and Press page often changes with updated information on HSL. We attend several Classic Car Shows throughout the year and will update you on what classic car restoration awards we got at the shows. Often our customers will trailer their cars with us as we go to the yearly Portland Roadster Show. One year we had the largest display at the Roadster Show with 10 customer cars that we restored . . . we brought home 12 trophies that year! It is fun for us to have our customers tag along to the shows and better yet is when they receive an award trophy for their classic car restoration project that we restored.

The Awards Page reflects our workmanship in the area of classic car restorations by the many awards our customer’s win with their vehicles, which rolled off the line at the "Secret Lab." I often tell people that we are like a modern-day Detroit because when the newly restored vehicle rolls out our door, it is brand new, like the day it rolled off the line at Detroit.

Our Press Page keeps you updated as to what is being said about our company and the classic car restoration work that we do, along with the shows and awards that we win.

Our YouTube link takes you to the HSL Channel Page where you can view various slide show videos on some of the full frame-off restorations of the vehicles on the Portfolio page ; you can see the workmanship and the fun things we find under the paint. Be sure to watch the videos of the 1966 GTO, the 1954 Kaiser, the 1970 GTO and the 1936 Ford Coupe. We often get in vehicles that do not look bad at all, like the pale yellow 1966 GTO, until we media blast the car, stripping the paint off down to bare metal, and surprise . . . we find LOTS of rust and Bondo along with other things. You will also see the video of Wild Bill working on "Jagged," our 1928 Dodge 5 Window Coupe that he installed a V-12 Jag in . . . from the chop to the louvers etc. and finally the first time he ran it on the highway here.

The Holton Secret Lab Blog will keep you updated with shop info and the current vehicles we are restoring or painting. If you go back to the first few entries on the Holton Secret Lab Blog, Marcy explains why they built their street rod restoration shop in a wheat field, as sometimes people ask us why we are here and not in a large city. Our history and heritage are here and that is why we elected to stay here, with over a 100 years of down home living, where Marcy grew up. Be sure to check out Marcy’s Hot Rod Cowgirl Blog too as she often mentions what is going on in the "Lab." Both the blog links are on the web page under the tab that says Blog.

Here at Holton Secret Lab we try hard to live up to our motto: " We don’t test the bounds of creativity, we set them." We believe in perfection with attention to detail, with integrity and honesty, doing the best job we can do for our customers.

Isn’t it about time for you to visit Holton Secret Lab? You can bring that classic car you stored for years to us so HSL can restore it to your specification, or maybe you bought a car that you wanted in High School and now is the time to do the restoration so you can drive it and bring back the good old days! Or maybe it’s a family heirloom vehicle that you remember Grandma driving and today is the day to take that step to restore a part of your heritage.

Come check out "Holton Secret Lab today!"


Check out the car shows that Holton Secret Lab has attended and attends around the Northwest the last several years.


See the many Awards that our customers have won with the various classic cars that Holton Secret Lab has restored. It is fun to see the trophies and the expressions of joy on our customer's faces.


Read the articles that have been written about Holton Secret Lab over the last several years. Go check out Holton Secret Lab's Channel on YouTube and watch some of the videos of the many cars we have built for our customers. You can also check out the HSL Blog to see what Holton Secret Lab is up too...its Top Secret!

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