Know Your Hot Rods - 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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  • 09 Sep, 2016

A 60's Classic 

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

The year 1967 saw the first major redesign for Ford Mustang. This was brought by serious competition that the car faced from other muscle cars like Dodge’s Challenger, Chevrolet’s Camaro, and Pontiac’s Firebird. In response to the intense competition, Ford created a more powerful Mustang.

The 1967 model was two inches longer than its predecessor. It also had painted side scoops to match the color of the body. The restyled Mustang featured a more aggressive grille a full fastback roofline and a concave tail panel. And it had a new 6.4 liter, V8 engine. All those changes proved to be worth it as there were more than 30,000 units of Ford Mustang Fastback that were sold during that time.

With the impressive features and design of the Ford Mustang Fastback, it is not shocking that it remains a favorite of hot rodders.

There have been many modifications on the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback such as:


Many 1967 Ford Mustang hotrods feature larger wheels. Like most of the Mustangs released in the middle of that decade, the ’67 Mustang Fastback had a 14 or 15-inch wheel.  But the car can accommodate up to 18-inch wheels as long as the wheel offset is correct and the tire isn’t too large. The 16-inch wheel is also fairly common on the Ford Mustang.

Larger wheels not only make the Ford Mustang look good. It also makes the car drive better on the road and allows for larger disc brake systems.

Interior upgrades

Upgrading the interior of the Ford Mustang Fastback makes the hotrod not only look appealing but also a pleasure to drive around. Interior upgrades like all-leather seats, customized sound system, power windows, and new steering wheel can make the Ford Mustang look very much contemporary.  Other possible modifications are power remote door poppers, stainless steering column, keyless door entry, and digital gauges. For entertainment, FM/CD, iPod, and Bluetooth and GPS are popularly integrated into the 1967 Mustang along with speakers and CD changers mounted on the trunk.

For drivers, a sport seats on a Ford Mustang Fastback further makes their driving experience memorable and fun. Side bolsters can provide superior side support along with a comfortable lumber support. An adjustable headrest also protects his back and neck.

Front disc brakes

Front disc brakes can make the classic Mustang a lot safer to drive around. There are lots of aftermarket manufacturers that offer front disc brakes to ’67 Mustang Fastbacks. There are those who offer complete reproduction braking systems, while other have factory drop-in replacements that bolt into the existing spindles. 4-wheel disc conversions are also available.


Another way to spruce up an old Ford Mustang is to install high-tech lighting on it. There are lots of headlight options available for the classic Mustang, from tri-bar to Xenon to halogen. There are also LED retrofit kits for taillights and interior lighting.

Indeed, there are lots of modifications that can be done on a Ford Mustang and make it look more contemporary. These modifications should make a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback hotrod even more appealing to motoring enthusiasts.

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