Transport Semi Lands At The “Secret Lab!”

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 15 Apr, 2015

Transport Semi Lands At Holton Secret Lab!

I have seen many semi wheat trucks and lots of cattle trucks delivering cattle here but I have never seen a transport truck land here before!

“Wild Bill” talking to the driver….and I wonder “What is he transporting? “

After all, this is the “Secret Lab”….hmmm?

And as the truck reveals itself, behind door number one is a very cool Jeep…and nope its not the Jeep, but hang on!

In order to get to our delivery from Arizona…the Jeep had to come out first.

I have not seen a Jeep like this forever…they would be the perfect size to run around in!

At last…here comes the Arizona transport…

A 1969 Barracuda Convertible!

A very nice car and another one you do not see anymore!

As we secured out newest lab project in the “Lab”… Ron loaded the little Jeep back up in his truck.

Once Ron was loaded he went down the road about a mile to a good turn around spot for his truck…as we waited to wave, two of our four legged security systems wanted their rubs and loves…and yes, they are part of our team!

As Ron came back by, he had to stop and take a picture of the “Secret Lab” before he went on his way to deliver the Jeep, 200 miles from us…

As the semi rounded the corner and headed out of Juniper Canyon…we checked on our newest customer delivery as we locked down the “Secret Lab” for the night!

Stay Tuned!

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