“1859” Interview With Wild Bill and Hot Rod Cowgirl at Holton Secret Lab!

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 16 Oct, 2015

Grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up. I did a longer blog post as it involves many people…however, there are more photos than words. I hope you enjoy!

It all began with the interview part…Vanessa Salvia contacted us and said “my editor is interested in doing a story on you, I pitched it to “1859” and they are on board…so guess who is coming to visit you!”

Vanessa had become a friend as I worked with her the last few years on our web site.

Last spring Vanessa went back to her love of freelance writing full time. Even though our lives were taking different roads, I hoped Vanessa could come see us at HSL. She spent hours of time with me working on our web site…and the biz and the ranch were calling her to come see what she spent all that time on.

I was thrilled, we could finally meet face to face and she could see the ranch and experience our “Secret Lab” in our wheat field of dreams!

We love cooking up a great meal for them, its always fun when they stay a night…

  A month after Vanessa came to interview us…professional photographer, Gwen Shoemaker paid us a visit. We connected right away and had a fun evening with Gwen and Brent…great conversation and plenty of laughs!

It was a beautiful evening, no cars or trucks, quiet except for us…and a hot 110 degrees.

Our paved road had been chip sealed three days before the photo shoot…after some worry, we decided to just go with it anyway…

Gwen captured several great shots of us and Vanessa wrote a great article…they nailed it!

This is the 1970 SS Chevelle mentioned in the article…with a full frame off restoration and now running the 570 horsepower engine…Wild Bill and crew enjoyed working on this amazing car. I love this classic beauty!

Takes your breath away with its ba-boom ba-boom heart especially when the cut outs are open! It shakes the ground!

Meeting up at Holton Secret Lab is a great story of how the world works with chance meetings…being like minded brought an immediate connection with Vanessa, Gwen and Brent!

Right Ellie…our sweet girl!

And “Lola”…is very much alive with her own ba-boom beat:)

Thank you “1859”…The Oregon Magazine, for believing in us and Holton Secret Lab!

 Click the link below for the Holton Secret Lab article in the Oregon magazine “1859” and you can find us on the “1859” website now:)


Stay Tuned…

I never know what…

(Can you say “Zoom Zoom”)

 I will be photographing next…it’s top secret of course!  You’ll have to see for yourself at “Holton Secret Lab!”

Take us away “Lola!”

Thank you “1859”, check this amazing magazine out!


Thank you to Vanessa Salvia…. http://www.vanessasalvia.com/

Thank you Gwen Shoemaker and Brent… http://gwenshoemaker.com/


One Stop Shop…We Do It All In A Timely Manner. Nothing Sits At Holton Secret Lab!

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