New You Tube Videos Are Live!

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 15 Apr, 2015

Three New YouTube videos are live….go check them out!

We have been working on them since last summer with CAPPS Broadcasting to make sure we have all the tweaks complete!

The first video of this fully custom “1933” Ford Roadster came out very nice….

Of course this “33” Roadster is amazing, outrageous and beautiful!

The second video made was a “1930” Ford Tudor…it looks mysterious and demure but believe me this Tudor is a show stopper and not demure!

Can you say “Zoom Zoom?” It’s fun to listen to and is an amazing ride!

The third video was shot of the 1935 Dodge Pick Up. The owners brought the pick up to “The Lab” for a frame off restoration…they told “Wild Bill” that it was dead…they could not get it started, so it sat for many years in storage. “Wild Bill” was intrigued and within a few hours of tinkering he got it to turn over and drove it up and down our road…and the fourth video, is this little antique pick up…

All grown up and completely restored and outrageous…and very much loved!

It is one of the most beautiful pick ups I have seen…the colors and the incredible lines take your breath away…and this little truck is all heart!

Corben, our camera man, is very artistic and talented…and did some amazing film for us!

Thank you Chris, Corben, Stephanie and Capps Broadcasting for your interest in what Holton Secret Lab is about and for what we do here!

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