April 1, 2010

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 02 Apr, 2010
It has been a while since I blogged. We have been busy busy little bees here with the Portland Roadster Show coming up soon. I am making movies and getting computers fixed. Laptops have died and I am running here and there….we need more flyers and all that goes into a show. The first show for the year is always run and run some more before we go.
This year six customer cars we restored are going with us to Portland.
Our two grandsons Cody and Bobby visited us for the weekend and we had a great time. As you see Melody had a great time too! Where are those treats and nummies Cody?
Cody learned how to drive the lawnmower! He already has his eye on one of the project cars we have…the “30” Tudor. He thinks that this car is very cool and with Grandpa’s help, well, he could have a great school car when he turns 16 in four more years! Here we go…more gray hair! This time our sons!
And he learned how to drive Leap-N-Leana! Bill learned to drive in Leap-N-Leana, our kids learned to drive in her and now our grandkids are learning.
Last weekend was the Wine and Cheese Gala for our local cancer community. I am a cancer survivor and I am more than thriving….I am survivng! You never give up! That is our motto! I was asked to model the last few years and I have enjoyed that. The jacket below is from Pendleton Woolen Mills.
This year I got to model for Hamley’s Western Store. So I felt like a “Cowgirl Princess” for a night.  I loved the clothes, boots, belts and bling!
And Fannie Annie is growing up. She is looking more like a little horse now. She celebrated her first year birthday March 28th. We had a horse cake of apple treats and lots of loving besides!
Just to keep you guessing. I will close with one last picture…and she is very near our home. One of the reasons that Holton Secret Lab chose to stay right here…in the middle of no where. If you could choose to be here or on a busy street in L.A. where would you be?
April’s Fool or real??? (P.S. It’s real)
Until next time….keep on living life with gusto and of course cruzin on down the road making great memories! We wish you all a “Happy Easter”.
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