Country Entertainment At Juniper T Ranch

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 03 Jul, 2011
I grew up for the most part without a TV…I was an only child…I learned
early on how to entertain myself with reading and dreaming and goofing and playing
with my dogs and horses and cats…then I also learned as I got older to ride
out on my horse and take incredible pictures of the landscape…and not worry
that the “Boogie Man” was after me.

Heading out on a summers night.

Beautiful huh? No you can not go sit in front of the dang TV in the summer….you will miss this.

This summer I bought a new Auzzie dog to add to the pack…I like having them so that they will bite you and keep you away if you come at off hours…we like having protection that snaps and snarls and bites…so go ahead make their day…we have lots of them…and they have teeth and attitude…OK moving on to country entertainment…..remember out here we have to be inventive for our fun!

Country Entertainment Step One: Get a new Auzzie that is about a year old…
and get her a new toy.

Step Two: Introduce her to your two old filly “Annie” who was like WooHoo I am ready to play!

Step Three: Get your camera ready and watch

Step Four: Focus and enjoy….and no Kiah was not nipping or heeling…it was pure play time.

Step Five: Our new puppy…a very smart girl….and good watch dog already…was trying to play with “her” toy….and “Annie” was looking for fun…in all the wrong places…remember that song?

Step Six: Now Kiah is showing off

You have to put up with me as I am weird…I like to write and take pictures that tell the story…I love music and memories…and well I am kind of silly and goofy. I think it was because my folks made me go to the mountains every year of my life when I was young and I listened to Wolfman Jack at night.

My Dad would tune into Ira Blue…has any one besides me heard of Ira Blue…well we as in me and my Mom and Dad every night fell asleep listening to Ira…the signal would fade in and out on the AM radio….so yeah I am a bit funky weird but extremely entertaining.

Here I am in the mountains saying “What”…it is early…and I am cranky…”Wild Bill” we need to saddle up and ride to go gather the cows in that pasture down by Redbridge”.

“No…not DRIVE the pick up…I said RIDE…you know horseback…and I am getting more cranky…get your yoo hoo hiney on that horse and lets go”.

Ahhh…mountain beauty and solitude…OK…where did the cows go?

Getting ready to find and gather the cows along the river on my horse Lottie…never a dull moment!

Back to today and the rest of the story…Annie is looking at the barn…I wonder what she sees?

“Pat” and “Jack”…our “Lion Cats” of the ranch that are tough stuff…and ferocious.

“What are you looking at sister…I am watching you…girl…get that camera away from us…we know who you are.”

True “Lions”…do not mess with them…I am serious as they will hurt you…I know…I had to take them to the vet to get neutered…it was not pretty at all.

“Wild Bill” made some silly excuse that he was busy and could not take the Lions to town…yeah right…send your little wife off with them in the cab of a pick up by herself…I still quiver…and it has been a few years ago now…I think I have PTSD…but I do love these guys!

But they remember…God help me…I need something to calm my fears of lions, tigers and bears…we have cougars and moose out here too….OK that is enough for now…where is my candy to self medicate my nerves?

As you can tell he was not that busy…well…yeah he gets the “Pendleton Woolen Mills” to do a photo shoot with our cars the day that I have to take “the Lions” to the vet…I say it was a conspiracy.

See…he is yakking to the Woolen Mills man…the one who arranged all of this… the one who contacted us for prop vehicles for the fall collection….actually “The 100th Anniversary Fall Collection”.

This was the photo shoot day for the men’s clothing line and as you see it was a cold day for June. The next day the gals did the photo shoot and while it was still chilly it was at least sunny.

Here he is loading up the Mustang and headed home…smirking about me and the Lions….ha-ha.

OK folks it is almost bedtime here…..Annie says Good Night

The sun has set….so has my brain.

Night Sleepy Head

Night Minnie…Night MJ

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