Hotrods, Harvest and Horses

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 14 Jul, 2011
First of all…”Jagged” is more finished and looking extremely cool.
Did I mention that “WB” built this car by hand with his creative mind
and his artistic ability. I am very proud of him!
Wild Bill hanging loose
He is a My Hotrod Cowboy
Who still makes my heart beat fast…either inside the car or out.
Side note on inside the car…ask Richard who owns
the Willy’s…hee-hee…sorry Richard  
Yep he knows what I live with…and why we have “Oh Sh–” handles
in our Hotrods for me!
Bad to the bone…”Jagged” is one of a kind.
1929 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag engine
On any given day at HSL you will see…Cool Cars
Cool Dreams
Cool Hotrods
1956 or 2011? At HSL we have time warps all the time!
The Gang…Snarling Snapping Wonders Who Won’t Trust Anyone But Us     We have a great security system but they are our second security system…go ahead and make their day….they are always hungry…seriously!
Ms. Diva decided to stretch out on her coffee table…
she owns everything and we work for her!
July of 2011 is very unusual that we are having this type of weather…
cool…rainy…windy…harvest is pretty much postponed until August.
Usually we are starting harvest now!
See the wheat field behind Annie?
It should look like this for July ready to harvest with heavy golden heads of wheat. I know this is dated…it was 1987 when we used to harvest our land and run “Holton Restorations”. (We became “Holton Secret Lab” in 2004). Yes it was a bad hair hair was long then and in a ponytail…son on the left was 13 and son on the right was 15…Wild Bill was…very young…really young…and me, well I was a child bride!
This would be a baby combine in 2011 but in 1987 it was top notch…we name
our cars and trucks…first truck is called “Big Bertha” and the little truck behind her
was called “Betsy”. I will do a post on our vehicle names in the future!
This is now and yes we have bigger headers…seriously huge!
We took this picture to show that we have steep ground. Yes that is Wild Bill…For you who do not understand hillside combines they have a leveler that keeps the bulk of the machine level while the header tilts with the ground etc. as does the hydraulics. Being a farm girl and growing up driving truck in harvest…I have seen a leveler break…then the bulker and heavy part of the combine tilts crazy…hang on and say a prayer that it does not roll…jump as soon as you can.
Personally myself being so brave and all…I liked driving our wheat trucks…here are my three kids in back of my truck in the 1980’s. When you are a farm kid it is fun to ride in the back of the truck and make wheat gum…stuff a handful of wheat seeds in your mouth and make gum! Why? I don’t know but it is truly a country kid tradition…they say that some adults yet do this…who….well I don’t know???
The kiddos with their Dad….Wild Bill…in 1979.
Switching gears to harvesting cars instead of wheat…it is way more fun!
Look what we found in our field!
I love love this Ford Pick Up…used to be mine  
And I love this 1955 Chevy Pick Up
And this Bronco is incredible!
Back to the 1935 Ford Pick Up…my Grandpa owned one of the first Ford dealerships in the Northwest…
I love our Chevy “Bowtie” cars and I LOVE Corvettes…but I appreciate Fords too!
Rural America…hard work…long days…all worth the way of life here.
Another reason we have our incredible shop here instead of a huge city in CA. or Portland or Seattle…We chose to live here as this is our home…and our shop is worth your gas miles to drive to…if you want the best…we are worth a few extra miles…come see us.
I loved “Hobby”…She had a huge heart and was part of mine.
I was born country and that’s what I’ll always be.
I got a hundred years of down home running through my blood. I was born country and this country’s what I love.
Family ties run deep in this land.
And I’m never far from what I am.
My Uncles and cousins…son Greg is the squirmy one.
See if you can pick out “Wild Bill”…hint…cowboy
Minnie is giving me the look….I better get back to work!
Melody is really a person in a horse costume and…
She truly would like to live with us in the house!
Kiah is so pretty with my red PEO flowers…she is keeping
an eye on the camera and me!
Annie is looking down the road at “Jagged”.
See ya on down the country trail
Till next time…hang on tight to your “Oh Sh– handle and smile”
Yes it rained more tonight….still hoping for Summer!
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