Mission Impossible….. Parts Delivery At HSL

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 26 Jul, 2011

Today Was Parts Delivery Day At Holton Secret Lab…

“Peter” (Graves) Flew The Plane Today With “Tom” (Cruise) As Co-Pilot..

Should You Accept This Mission….You Must

Do So With Utmost Attention To Detail…HSL Policy

Flying Over HSL To Secure The Target To Begin Package Drop

The “Lab” Is Secure

“Annie” Is Waiting For Her Package Pick Up…She May Look Like A Horse…But She Is A Trained Special OPS Agent…Don’t Make Her Mad!

Any “Mission Of Perfection” Takes A Few Fly Overs To Deliver
Packages To “The Secret Lab”

The “Godfather” of HSL Is Waiting For The Drop…

Dialing In The GPS Coordinates…In The “Gray Ghost”

Super Invisible In The Wheat!

Proof That “Holton Secret Lab Does Quality Restorations”

Anything Can Happen On A Summer Night At HSL

It Is “Your Mission” To Come See Us

Bring Your Dream Car Or Your Hot Rod Restoration To Holton Secret Lab And

Your Mission Is Complete….This Brief Will Self Destruct In 5 Minutes

Over and Out.
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