Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 24 Jan, 2010
The last two days this old dog has learned many new tricks with movies. Today I made a 25 minute movie with music…..this is huge folks!!! When we travel to shows one of the many ways I promote HSL is to use slide shows or in the past power point…….no more. Now I will use actual movies with ease. Let me explain this further. I am so excited about it!
This year we plan to attend the Porltand Roadster Show with a large display of customer vehicles etc. With every car we take to the show I will do a short movie for each one. I hope to import them to a picutre frame type format that will be with each car display. Our customers trust us and we have done the work but now is the time to show each vehicle with attention to detail. Every car that goes this year will now have their own movie with music to match the era. I will do a large movie for HSL at our table. We have a large tower that we hang two large monitors on that will play our vidoes etc. and music.
We have been watching Barrett Jackson on Speedvision all week here. I have decided that we need to take a car there to sell and buy a car to bring home for fun.
I used to own a 1964 Corvette Coupe and it was silver…..I loved that car and I hope to own one again and drive it all summer long. Yes I know this is a 1963 Split Window Corvette but it is close……
I have to close tonight with one last picutre of John Peek and his 1954 Kaiser Manhatten.
First show and he won his first trophy of many last year! It is just the beginning. This car is very rare and one of few left. It is featured in a national calender folks! We are honored that they chose Holton Secret Lab to restore and build their car.
John and Grace Peek have been wonderful customers and they love “Once In A Blue Moon”. We are hoping they will join us down at the Portland Roadster Show this year.
Have a great weekend all of you who follow us. If all goes well tomorrow I will have a video of Holton Secret Lab up on You Tube late in the afternoon.
As we say around here……Keep On Cruzin!
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