Pendleton Round Up 1910 – 2010 100th Anniversay Celebration

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 09 Nov, 2010
It has been a long time since I blogged….I have been busy with horses and “Wild Bill”.
“Ms. Annie”
16 Months
“Tucker” My Girl…
Hooked On
 In the last blog I was hoping to pull off “Tough Enough To Wear Pink”
“September 16th 2010”
With all my worries and sleepless nights…it turned out absolutely perfect! We had 170 cancer survivors join us this year for “Tough Enough Day”. We planned for two groups to walk out into the arena at the right time to form  the breast cancer ribbon.
Thank You Jackie for helping me with forming the ribbon… was way cool!
The “Pink” raffle boot for Tough Enough!
“Deb and The Herders”
Famous 70’s Group and “Carol Lundin” 
170 Cancer Survivors….Making The Breast Cancer Ribbon
Pendleton Round Up Behind The Scenes
Indian Village
Horses Waiting
New West End Grandstands
With all that said….stay tuned….Holton Secret Lab is on the move and lots is happening! 
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