Summer Time

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 11 Aug, 2010
I know it has been quite some time since I have blogged to update you with what we are doing but it is summer time here in Juniper Canyon.
Best time of the year here both for Holton Secret Lab and Juniper T Ranch. As you can see a peaceful evening at home. No cars, no people and no noise except the occasional turtle dove, coyote, owl and cricket.
Annie and Melody are doing fine. Melody is being trained further and Annie is in grade school now with her training. They love being in the pasture and would be happy if they could eat grass forever!
Holton Secret Lab heads out to many car shows over the summer. We have a house sitter and neighborhood watch which helps in reguard to leaving our critters which do not like it when we leave!
Does “The Boss” look happy?
We Have been down the road many miles so far this summer to many shows.

Seaside Muscle and Chrome Car Show
Cool Desert Nights
Super Bee!
Fun Shows!!!!!!
Beaches Cruise In Portland At The International Raceway…
Kennewick Mustang Show
And we are still on the move coming to a town near you so watch for the white trailer!
Harvest has been in full swing here in Juniper. 
Hmmmmmm? What is this in our wheat crop?
It looks to be one of Holton Secret Lab’s custom restoration builds!
What? Is it worth a bushel of wheat?
Yes Martha it is way worth more than wheat!
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