Welcome Summer

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 05 Jun, 2010
Welcome Summer…Finally!
I have not blogged for a while as I had internet issues, router issues, and then more internet issues. Today I was offline with our small internet provider. Huge hassle for us but we have no choice but to stay with this provider. Anyway…Hi All and Yes I am here:) 
After we got home from the Roadster Show in Portland we had a few visits with grandkids. Our two granddaughters visted for a weekend complete with horse visits and treats.
Of course the wind was blowing when they were here and Melody was looking for her “flying” Apple Assess treats. I kid you not that is what they are called! And apparently to horses they taste extremely good!
We had a car driving lesson in the “1956 Bel-Air” for Becca too.
She was perfect and got it right.
She is a “Holton” true and blue! (Zoom Zoom)
We are gearing up for a huge car show in Seaside. 
We are taking the GTO which will be in the “Builder’s Showcase” which is a huge accomplishment as they accpet only 20 cars for the “Showcase”.
And possibly the Grande Mustang may join it as of today!
I have been busy also having fun! I modeled for Hamley’s Western Store in May during the “Cattle Barron’s Weekend” which was fun! I felt like a “Cowgirl Princess” for a night!!!
“Wild Bill” had fun too and yes I made him dress up…complete with hat!
Best deal was that I got a night out with my hubby:)
Hamley’s Western Store truly is a destination not to be missed!
Besides the car world this girl is getting organized with “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” with “The Pendleton Round Up”.
I am in charge of the “Arena Presentation” on September 16, 2010. I plan on having 100 Survivors out in the arena to celebrate. Surviving and Thrivivng!!! That is my motto!
This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Pendleton Round Up. Lots of celebrating and tons of history go with the rodeo this year. I pray and hope I will get it done right.
My Dad was very involved with the Round Up all his life. I hope I can make him proud of this year with what I am doing.
He was President of the Round Up in 1963 and 1964.  He was asked to be Grand Marshal in 1986 for “The Westward Ho Parade”. He was inducted into “The Hall Of Fane” museum in 1990. Lots of history and memories. Lots more to to share and write….pictures too…so it is coming….stay tuned with me.
In this picture, Dad was riding my mare “Lottie” who was 6 years old the year he was grand marshal and I was worried. I rode her everyday that summer with the Grand Marshal Serape on her back. I loped her up and down every hill I could find hoping to get her used to the flapping serape on her flanks as well as her rump. I was worried she would buck with Dad as quite frankly she did not care for men. Seriously she bucked off every man who got on her back…except my Dad for this parade.
A picture of my Dad and Lottie with our daughter Kristin carrying the American Flag behind him on Holly who was a great mare too. We bought her for Kris’s 9th birthday. Holly was all heart and loved Kris. She and Lottie were my girls and great horses. And now I have Melody and Annie who also are great:)
And back to “car girl”…tomorrow we are off to another car show….always somewhere and no I never know for sure until I climb into the pick up a bit bleary eyed with a cup of coffee where we are off to….but….I know it will be good!
So where ever you are this weekend…hug your kids, love your wife or hubby, scratch your cats and dogs, or horses and smile….have fun and relax:)
And of course pick on your husband if you have the chance!
 See ya on down the road with various “Horsepower”
Or…..stay tuned…….hmmm…..
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