Holton Secret Lab Wins Six Trophies At Portland Roadster Show

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 22 Apr, 2010

Extra Extra Read All About It! HSL Wins Again!

We attended the 2010 Portland Roadster Show with six customer vehicles built and restored by HSL and we won six trophies!!! 
Six For Six!
Jim, Rick, Marcy, Wild Bill, Super Bee Bob and Ron. We are missing John.
We left last Wedneday with our customers following along to set up early and get moved into place. There is so much that goes into a huge show like Portland. I spent weeks making videos with music to showcase the cars. We showcase each restoration and build that we do. The videos highlight the workmanship and craftmanship that HSL puts into each vehicle.
Staging the cars in place for the display. Notice how empty the Convention Center looks. Soon it will be packed with 400 cars on display.
    Getting the tower unloaded and set into place with the display table etc.
Then we hang the monitors and I get the electrical hook up in place for the computor that will play the movies I have made. Next we set up the speakers to blast out the music and this year we were told that our music was way better than the piped in music for the show…..hmmmm. Maybe I will have to become a DJ too?
We have four of the cars parked and in place, now we are waiting for the 1970 Chevelle and the 1954 Kaiser to arrive.
They arrived and they are beautiful!
Still lots to do with polishing, cleaning and arranging everything to flow just right, for the visual eye of the customer. We have one blink second to make it or break it with a potential customer with what we are trying to say to the world about HSL. We try hard to be sure that the first blink is perfect!.
Wild Bill is polishing on the Super Bee or is he praying to the “Mopar” God?
As you see lots going on here. Jim is on his cell phone. John is polishing the Kaiser yet and Rick is still tweaking his GTO.
Wild Bill is trying to hide from my camera or is he now praying to the “Ford” Gods?
Almost ready to go…whew.
Let the Show Begin! It ran from Friday at 2:00 until Sunday night at 7:00. Lots of long hours each day and thousands of people come by to look.
        Our support crew…customers and friends.
And finally the show begins to wind down Sunday night with the awards ceremony. It looks like lots of trophies and it is but not many cars actually win them. HSL has been blessed to win trophies with every car they take to the show each year. I have lost count but we have well over 25 trophies now from the Portland Roadster Show.
Elaine and Jim alwasy try to sneak away when I am taking pictures!
Except to show off their trophy and their amazing 1970 Chevelle!!!
Time to hook up and head for home..it took us three and a half hours to get into the lot to hook up the trailer and then get back into the Convention Center to load everything and head for home. It was utter chaos as you can imagine 400 hundred pick ups trying to also bring 400 car trailers into the center to do the same thing.
Here we are rolling the dolly out to lay the tower on. Once we accomplish this, we will roll the tower into the trailer for the ride home.
And finally we loaded one of the “Best of Class” winners, the 1935 Ford Pick Up into the trailer at 11:00 Sunday night and were one of the last ones to leave. Huge sigh and whew…however we love it and truly enoy the shows with our customers.
John, Jim, Rick, Super Bee Bob, Ron and we are missing Carol.
The smiles tell the story and we celebrate with them! Congratualtions to you all! 
Until next time…keep on Cruzin! Look for us down the road…with big smiles always and lots of go fast!
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