What is it?

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 28 Apr, 2011
I have not been able to grab “Wild Bill” long enough to update the blog on “Jagged”. He does look a bit busy with the cameras!!!
 So I guess you are stuck with me and the real “Boss” Minnie!
                    The “Secret Lab” is rather interesting huh? On any given day this is my view!

The “Lab” is rocking along as this is our busy time of year between customers and car shows.

   This was part of our display at the Salem Roadster Show in February.
I LOVE this pick up with it’s Incredible Grill!
Incredible Fenders!
Incredible Lines. What can I say…my Grandpa owned a Ford Garage!
And no I am not expecting, it was cold and I had my hands in my pockets!
This time of year here is green green green and makes all the farmers smile…..well horses too!
Roosters like it as well!
We did take a quick run to the coast for a few days of rest with good friends. 
 Here is the reason I am asking you “What is it?”
Something we found in the field from outer space or maybe it is a glowing eye that I put in the shop to spy on the guys….after all I am the bookkeeper…..so get busy down there and I mean it!
Lets see if you can guess…… 
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