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  • 18 Apr, 2011

I know I know this is long over due…..am sorry about that but had lots going on this winter. A few health issues and then life in general crowded in and the blogger here, me, MJ, was sidetracked……but I am back!

Wild Bill and I at the Invitational Only Salem Roadster Show in February. Holton Secret Lab had three customer cars invited to attend this show…..and that is very cool.

Car #1 is a 1970 Chevelle that was invited to attend and it is beautiful! We love showing this amazing Chevelle with the WB flames and beautiful custom paint.

Car #2 is a rare 1954 Kaiser Manhattan that was invited to attend the show with us in Salem. This car is so very unusual….I love the chrome and the art deco design of the body…..incredible!

Car #3 is a 1935 ford Pick Up…..it used to be my project pick up until WB sold it…..to very good friends of ours who love this truck and love to show it!

This is the boss of the house Minnie Mouse…..and she does not like it when we leave for a car show….so she attacks her mouse and rolls in her Navajo…..she is very cute and almost 16 now.
And on to the Portland Roadster Show
Setting Up The Trailer Display
My Man WB
Go Figure……Have The Video Up Of  “Jagged”….and WB and Wayne Are Watching!
1948 Stock Chev. Pick Up
Portland Roadster Show Best Of Class 2011
Smile Wayne, Your 1948 P-Up Won Best Of Class Again In Portland!
This Incredible 1970 GTO Is One Of My Favorites That We Have Restored!
Beautiful Car and Perfectly Incredibly Black!
Another Win Ric
Smile Big As You Did It Right 100%
And Finally The Custom Jaw Dropping 1972 Bronco Is Done!!! As You Can See I Am Looking At The Tires Which Look Terrible….Dull and Dirty and Bad Bad Bad!
Don’t You Love The Theme Too? “Bronco” As In “Bucking Cowboy Bronco”!
Don’t You Love The Theme Too? “Bronco” As In “Bucking Cowboy Bronco”!
That Is Me In The Background Discussing The Tires And The Incredible Bronco. I Have Waited Since 1993 For This Bronco To Get Built!!!
Way To Go Wild Bill and Holton Secret Lab!
Notice The Tires!!!! That Is Pure MJ!
This Is Pure Wild Bill
Incredible 1972 Custom Bronco Built By Holton Secret Lab
Happy Owners!
Best Of Class 2011 Portland Roadster Show
Winning Is Fun With Holton Secret Lab!!!
Back Home
To The Lab
Guess what Wild Bill bought at the Portland Swap Meet? 
Nitrous for the “Jag”…..I knew I should not let him go alone!
Stay tuned for the next blog edition this coming week. “Jagged” gets a radical new carb set up to go with the nitrous!
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