Why I Have Not Been Blogging

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 08 Jun, 2011

It all started May 31 2011 about 6:53….the severe thunderstorm that was not forecast hit us….HARD!!! I was on the phone in the office when I heard a clap of thunder…then I heard a loud snap and we lost power.

The power was out for several hours…we did not know the damage until it came back on.

The power company was replacing our transformer…I wanted to take pictures to update you…WB told me to quit taking pictures as I was giving the tech a heart attack with my flash while he was changing out the transformer.

I am still operating only half time in the office…we have replaced our modem and our router and now our switch or hub…so far the computers are OK….and that is a blessing. Yes we had super duper surge protectors and all the right stuff installed for protection…so beware.

The net is off and on and that is why I am missing your emails and not talking…this is my computer with my 1964 Silver Corvette Coupe….we are looking for another…..that was what I was driving when I met “Wild Bill” in 1976…and it was my baby.

The phone is messed up too…some calls we get and others calls we do not get at all or we hear from you that you call and it rings and rings…we are here and no we cannot hear the ring as it does not ring here…then there is the call that rings in like a fax machine…and the calls that end with “We are sorry this number has been disconnected”….”Hello” we have had this number here since 1977!

Never mind…..lets think about that Silver 1964 Corvette Coupe or “Wild Bill’s” “Jagged”!

Jagged is well…outrageous!

And so are these two…only at “Holton Secret Lab” will you find this outside.

Can you imagine driving either of these? “Wild Bill” took me on one of our first dates four wheeling in his Bronco…it was way fun for this cowgirl….very very cool. Hmmmmmm maybe we can go out and find “Juniper Hill…Wild Bill”?

“Oh Yeah…here comes Wild Bill and Jagged…now this is what it is all about!”

“Jagged” gets on down the road and then spins around…can you hear the sound of a good carb with horsepower…ahhhh

Still smiling here….deep breath…yeah….the sound always gets me….V-12 horsepower  

Annie says…”I need a rub and a hug…maybe some treats too”  

Storms like I have not seen here in many years.

Hang tight with HSL….we may have internet issues and phone issues but we are here…building cool cars and outrageous restorations!

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