Holton Secret Lab Is Rocking With A New Rhythm!!!

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 16 Sep, 2013

Holton Secret Lab Is Rocking With A New Rhythm!!!

I’m Back!!!

Our web site has been redesigned by HeroWeb and is up and running! HeroWeb was great to work with as they listen to their customers, with attention to both large and small details, while striving to catch the overall direction and vision of the business. Our graphic designer, Clayton hit it right on catching the vision and definition of who we are, as he worked with me to create a new look for Holton Secret Lab. I was both excited and a bit nervous as we really changed it up. He created the home page as a proof and I was hooked on the idea! It looked clean, impressive and professional.

The Home Page is the opening act and it needs to pop, grabbing your potential customer in a one second blink…often that is the only chance you will get! We wanted something that drew you into the web site. HSL is worth the drive! We do it right! We are the best shop! We are well qualified to build your vehicle! HSL…is a shop where you can rest easy knowing your restoration or custom paint job or suspension is in the hands of experts! Our new web site says that through out. I like how Clayton included the contact info on every page, making it accessible for potential customers and current clients.

If you need a web site or just about anything from Facebook to Twitter to Graphics to Web Design…to SEO…Social Marketing etc. look up HeroWeb at http://www.heroweb.com/

Our old web site was designed by North Powder Digital in the early 2000’s. We loved the incredible graphics and content that Curt created for us…the web site fit us. The Home Page popped and drew you in with “Mr. Blue,” while carrying the look throughout the web page. We loved it and so did our customers…but after 13 years of a very good run, technology improved and Holton Secret Lab advanced further in the craft of restoring cars, building cars, designing cars and custom paint. HSL has grown into a successful award winning Auto Restoration Shop and I felt we needed to reflect that growth with redesigning the web site. So here we are! I hope you like it!!!

We have been busy busy in the Lab this year. We have three new employees with lots of talent and experience!

Clay has 30 years experience in paint and body work, Bryan has 20 years experience in paint and body work, Nathan our apprentice has 2 years of Wyo-Tech and a couple of years of hands on experience…you would swear he has at least 10 years. He is very focused on being the best with what he does and Wild Bill likes that! So many young men that age do not want to learn as it is hard work and they want money and time off…but we need those guys who want to work and perform to save the craft of autobody and custom paint, restorations etc. or it will die and be gone.

Wild Bill rounds out the experience with 45 years…he grew up in his Dad’s body shop and painted his first cool car in 1968. I’m still the CFO doing all the office bookkeeping, the advertising and marketing and I’m the official photographer. I will be adding an employee page to the web site soon so that you can meet the crew.

I will also keep you updated on daily happenings with Wild Bill and the HSL gang with my trusty camera with both video and photos.

I love taking photos and if ever any of our customers would like me to shoot some cool photos of your cars, even if you have had them home a few years, give me or Wild Bill a heads up and I will do that.

We have several jobs in the shop from street rods to muscle cars to classic pick ups to retro’s to Corvettes..a 62 and a 63 and a 76…sniff sniff, I want one too! We work hard to keep them all rolling and getting them done quickly as our crew is very focused…and that makes a huge difference.

We are currently looking to hire another employee who can do the wiring, mechanical and suspension work. If you know of anyone, pass the word on to give us a call.

In the mean time I will be working with our web expert on updating the web site with lots of new vehicles for the portfolio, new awards, new press articles and the car shows we attend or our customers attend. I will be adding new photos to the Services page on the individual links and will also update the current facilities photos etc. And will be adding to the blog hopefully 2-4 times per month and will add news etc.as it happens.

Stay Tuned…See Ya On Down The Road!

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