“Jagged” 1928 Dodge V-12 Coupe On YouTube and CRUZIN MAGAZINE

  • By Holton Secret Lab
  • 07 Feb, 2010
This week has been very eventful here at the “Lab”. First of all we have been published in a National Publication with a great article in Cruzin Magazine. Last fall Cruzin Magazine Reporters, Annette and Sandie, came to interview us twice. The second time we invited many of our customers out to be interviewed and to join in on the fun.
We had b-q hamburgers with all the trimmings cooked by “Wild Bill” and dog “Dash” who truly wanted to help out with the cooking and tasting!
Let me introduce you to some our customers who have become life long friends,  who joined us that day with their cars. We sincerely enjoy our customers and the stories of their projects. I have found that 95 percent of the time there is family history involved. I am a history buff at heart as I love all that family heritage stuff.
Dwayne and Lynne brought us their outrageous 1969 Mustang Grande in 2005. This is a car that was stored in a discreet farmer’s (Dwayne’s) shop for 30 years. They had planned someday when the kids grew up to restore it. The first thing we noticed was that it had a Cobra Jet 428 engine in it…..so “Wild Bill” ran the Marti report and low and behold this car was so rare that it even made us nervous! It was the ONLY one painted Maroon in 1969 that had a Cobra Jet 428 in it!!! We told them that we cannot do custom work on this vintage and classic Mustang…it has to go back to stock for the value and that is what we did. They have shown it all over the NW and have taken many trophies home. It was invited to the prestigious Salem Roadster Show in 2008 and they joined us in the ten car display that HSL had at the Portland Roadster Show in 2007. It is no small feat to get into the Portland Roadster Show and you have already won if you are invited to the Salem Roadster Show. The invitation to attend comes only from the promoters! This is the dream car that we all want to find out there in some old shop…only thing is they found it and had the shop! I love the sound of this car when it shows up, it is the sound of raw horsepower folks. 
Jim joined us with his beautiful 1970 Chevelle. This car is incredible…as it has ghost flames painted by you know who…Jim and his wife Elaine have owned this beauty since Jim was in college. It is a one of a kind Chevelle as it has heart and history to go with it…..and it is a car I know well when it is started in the shop or when it slows down to come visit us. I love this car!!!! Jim plans to take it to the Portland Roadster Show April 16-18th.
Wayne and Corine have supported us since way back when. They bought this 1948 Chev. Pick Up back in 1959.  Wayne drove it to work for years until he retired it. We began doing a Stock Restoration on it in the mid 1990’s and finished it during 2004-2005. It went to the Portland Roadster Show with us in 2006, 2007, 2009 and won Best of Class with several awards! It has since won many other prestigious awards all over the NW including being in the Salem Roadster Show.
Ron brought his incredible 1946 Ford Tudor to us a few years back…and you will never guess who painted and built this car with many custom details…..can you tell? This car came into the shop about the same time we did Wayne’s pick up. We have taken this car to many shows as Ron has been very generous to us by letting us take it out and show it for him. In fact many of our customers do that and we appreciate that as we show these cars to advertise what we do. We took Ron’s car to Portland with us in 2006 and 2007 and yes it won Best of Class as well as other awards. This ride goes down the road nice, it is a sweet one to ride in. Anytime that “Wild Bill” has it in the shop for a tune up or to fix something, if he needs to test drive it on our loop highway….all he has to do is ask if I want to go with him and yes….I love riding in this car! It sounds nice too!
Another great picture of John and his rare 1954 Kaiser Manhattan powered by a Paxton Supercharged Continental 226 CID flathead motor. This car is one of a kind. It is going to the Portland Roadster show this year. I feel it will be a show winner wherever it goes as it draws people to look as most have never seen one. John and Grace have been great customers and we love their car. I love the grill and all the chrome, the angles and design…it is what you call perfection as the designer did not miss anything.
I could not forget Bob and his in your face 1969 Super Bee….I LOVE this car…can you see the habit I have here…..I love all these cars!!! Probably why I had a 1964 Corvette Coupe and still rode those horses herding cows…..part cowgirl and part cargirl. Bob I love your car and yes this is one you can hear start up too and I have ridden in it folks, it does not disappoint. It has been to many car shows and won several trophies as well as the Portland Roadster Show in 2007 and 2008. Takes me back to the era of dragging main street trying to be cool….when we were all rebels without a clue!
I could not leave out our car owners who could not make it to the interview but sent their vehicles.
This 1931 Ford Tudor is one to drool on, “Mr. Blue2” is owned by Ron. HSL did a full frame off restoration on it back in the early 2000’s. We have this car on the home page of our web page   http://www.holtonsecretlab.com/   . It went with us in 2001, 2006, 2007 and 2008 to the Portland Roadster Show and won Best of Class as well as Best Model A. We have shown this car for Ron many times and we always enjoy it as people love this car. “Wild Bill” filled the top on this beautiful car as well as the 1930 Ford Tudor below. It has the low thunder sound when it starts that makes your heart beat and your head turn. It is a crowd stopper wherever it goes!
This 1930 Ford Tudor Resto Mod Hot Rod belongs to Ken and Paula. Paula gave it to Ken on the day they got married 40 years ago. They planned to restore it and drive it a long time ago but the patter of little feet showed up and then they thought lets have another and they had triple patters of feet….so they put the car on hold until 2003-2006 and had HSL restore and build thier very cool hot rod. This car is all heart and when we took it to the Roadster Show in 2007 (yes it won too) we used the song “Hey Hey Paula” to showcase it. It fit perfect.

We finished this awesome pick up for Don and Susie this year. I would love to have this truck to tool around the ranch in…very cowgirl cool if you ask me! Don chose the color and at first I wondered if it would be right…and it is. In person this truck shines and stands out. I am looking forward to seeing it go to many shows as it has attended a few already while it was being done and won like crazy! It is one of those trucks that draws people to come look…and yes it has boom boom horsepower too.

This sweet 1970 Chevelle has been owned by the same family since the early 70’s. The kids drove it to school ( can you imagine?) as did the parents. Don saved it all these years and had HSL restore it a few years ago in late 2006. It is a classic and one you do not see anymore at all. When it is parked next to Jims 1970 Chevelle you do a double take as both of these classic Chevelles are head turners.
Thank you David, Annette, Sandie and The Cruzin Staff. The article is perfect and we truly appreciate it! We will see you in Portland at the Roadster Show and of course on down the road. And as you say….Keep On Cruzin!
Today has been interesting for this “Old Dog” with uploading a new video of “Jagged” our 1928 Dodge V-12 Coupe to YouTube. It shows the work that has been done to it the last year. More has already been done today and yes “Jagged” runs very healthy with a bit of American Muscle! Be sure to watch the video on YouTube to see how “Wild Bill” designed the intake manifold…..someone already asked him if he had a blueprint…no he does not have one. This is completely his WB design folks. Incredible is what I call it! I have seen this creative genius ability for years and why I smile when someone asks me if WB can build their project or dream car. He does it all and does it well. I know I brag but really, he is amazing!  All I can say is if you do not beleive me come see for yourself….
Tomorrow the video should be completely ready to play on YouTube. It is uploaded now and you can play it without music but tomorrow it will have music. When I show the video at the shows I will run “Bad To The Bone and Bad Company”. This Hot Rod Jag Rod is nasty and bad! YouTube would not allow me to have that music so please do forgive the stuff I have to use.
With all that said it is time for me to be off. Take care wherever you are and know we wish you a great weekend. 
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